After D went downstairs to go outside for a cigarette all I could do was lay there covered in cum. Some got in my eye, which was humorous. I was tired and felt amazing all at the same time. I wondered how we were only just now taking a break, and what else would D do to me….

My husband was laying on the bed next to me when D came back upstairs. He didn’t take pictures of this part so I’m a little shady on the order of things exactly. During this half of the evening I was floating away for most of it so I will do my best to remember the details.

D put me on my stomach after grabbing something out of his bag. He sat on my legs and started hitting me with something and I couldn’t tell what it was (even though I was sure it was some sort of belt). It hurt worse than anything I’ve ever felt. I was screaming a lot and my husband told me to be quiet. It was hard to keep quiet – it just hurt so badly. I tried to center myself and concentrate on the sensations. I wasn’t being successful though because D said something to me that I’ll never forget. He doesn’t say much during sessions so I definitely heard him. He said, “shut up or I’ll use it on your tits.” That did it for me. After that all I remember is that eventually I was able to concentrate enough for the pain to change to a weird sort of pleasure and I started crying. Not just a little water in the eye, but real tears falling down my face. It was an incredible moment. When my husband and I do stuff like this he can make me cry after only a few blows, but I’ve never experienced that with D before. Even as I’m writing this I miss the pain and how I felt crying for D.

After that I was in a daze and couldn’t bring myself to focus on anything. D lay down on the bed and motioned for me to suck his cock. I crawled over and started sucking him while my husband watched. After a little while D said to my husband, “I think she could fit us both in her mouth.” He positioned himself so that their cocks were touching and I did my best to get them both in my mouth. It was a bit awkward position-wise so he had me stand next to the bed and come at them from above. I really liked having both of their cocks like that. After a while D got behind me and started fucking me while I sucked my husband’s cock. It hurt after the fisting and fucking from before. I loved it. He intermittently fingered my g-spot and rubbed my clit and made me cum a bunch of times. Towards the end he made me squirt. I haven’t ever really done that before. By the time we finished I could barely stand – my legs were shaking so much.

After that we were relaxing on the bed. I couldn’t really find a comfortable position because my ass and tits hurt. The boys were laying down and I was kind of kneeling at the end of the bed. We just chatted for a bit until my husband said he was hungry. So we decided to get dressed and go to a pub to grab some food before driving D home.

It was really nice to just hang out with him after a session. We talked a lot about his new girlfriend who will probably be moving here at the end of the summer. I’m sure the four of us will have a lot of fun.

All in all this was the most emotionally, sexually, and physically satisfying session I’ve had with D. I’m still smiling, and really enjoying the beautiful bruises he left me.