I get to spend my evening alone. My husband is going to a party without me. I could go, but I don’t feel like it. I’ve been too anxious lately and meeting a bunch of new people just doesn’t sound good to me. Plus, there’s no playing for a long time because of the large amount of bruises on my breasts. Probably better to not show others the bruises just in case they don’t understand that I actually like them. Next week I’m out of commission anyway so I just have to get through the weekend without going crazy.

My husband’s still coughing up a storm so sex has been infrequent. I’ve been the only initiator for a few weeks (if my memory serves me right). But if I was the one sick I’m sure it would be the same way only reversed.

I chatted with D tonight for a bit and he’s really excited to go visit his girlfriend in a few weeks. I’m giving him a ride to the airport (just another excuse to see him lol). I’m always surprised when he doesn’t initiate conversations about our sessions. I still don’t know if he likes them or not. I assume he does because it’s usually him that initiates the planning. I think he just plays it cool because he knows we aren’t allowed to talk about a lot of stuff. We’re not allowed to be friends. That would just be dangerous for me. I get addicted to people, which could lead to romantic feelings in this case. The sex is already there. I do know that my limits are not as extreme as his are and perhaps that’s why he’s not necessarily enthusiastic about our sessions. He’s into some pretty crazy stuff. His girlfriend is into that stuff so I think he’ll be a much happier man when she finally moves here.

I guess I’m just rambling…..gotta find something to do. Anyone want to come over and watch movies with me?