The weather here last night was a good old classic blizzard. Just like I remember from growing up in the frozen northern wasteland. The wind even knocked over some trees down the street. It was crazy! I can’t remember how I ever lived in a place where blizzard conditions were a weekly occurrence. I was kind of freaked out at the sound of the wind. Then this morning it was bright and sunny with very little breeze. It was still ass cold outside, but it was beautiful to look at. And silent. For once.

The past few days have kind of whipped past me. I keep meaning to write a post about a party I went to on Saturday night. Here’s a quick synopsis: not a sex party, I was one of only two “music people” there, lots of amazing conversation, HOOKAH!!! (just tobacco though), alcoholic green tea (super yummy), very interestingly drunk people. I was taking mental notes of conversations I participated in and overheard in order to write about the party here….but I’ve lost the magic of the evening. I’ve been busy!!

Sunday night I had rehearsal for my orchestra and I stayed overnight because I had a hair appointment there the next day. Staying the night also gave me the chance to hang out with my friends there. Got home on Monday at about 5:00pm, right before my husband. When he got home we went and made the purchase of a lifetime (well almost).

We got some money from my grandfather’s estate over the holidays so we decided to use it for something fun rather than paying bills. We got into my car and drove to the nearest Best Buy and bought a 52″ LCD television…..yeah I said 52″!!! I was against such an enormous screen, but my husband’s take on it was, “this thing will last for like 15 years and by then we’ll have a house with a room big enough to enjoy the 52 inches.” Ok, he wins, but not because he’s right, but because he feels so strongly about it. I think that in 6 or 7 years there will be something bigger and better that he’ll fall in love with and this tv will be out the door. I hope that doesn’t happen, but our last tv (a normal, old 30-something inch behemoth) only lasted 7 1/2 years.

This TV is amazing. It’s almost worth the almost $3000 we dropped on it. If it cleaned the kitchen twice a week then it would definitely be worth it. On the other hand, porn will look awesome on it!

Tomorrow I’m off to my orchestra location until Sunday. This is a very busy concert set because we have extra community concerts during the day on Friday. Yikes, it’s already midnight and I still have to pack. Blech.