We had a concert Saturday night then as usual a bunch of us got together in the hotel bar. We all stay in the hotel across from the concert hall. I always sit pretty much in the same place and Mike always joins me. We had two other people at our table for a while. I’m usually pretty talkative especially when we’re bitching about other musicians in the orchestra. But that night I was kind of quiet. My friends noticed I was kind of quiet and constantly checking my cell phone for text messages. I was starting to feel a little tipsy by about midnight and decided to quit drinking because I was feeling upset was losing the battle against crying..

I stood up to go and Mike asked if he could walk me to my room. I said sure and we left the bar together. Once we were alone I started crying. I was trying to hide it from him because I didn’t want to feel too vulnerable. I could feel him staring at me in the elevator, but I wouldn’t catch his eyes. I was trying to decide whether to invite him to my room or not. As we walked down the hallway I felt his hand on my arm. Once in front of my room at the very end of the hallway I finally met his eyes and the tears started to fall in ernest. He pulled me into his arms and held me in a hug that lasted for what seemed like 10 mintues.

As he pulled away from the hug I suddenly heard myself say, “don’t leave. Come inside with me.” He took the card key from me and unlocked the door. Once alone in my room we sat together on the couch and he asked what was wrong. I told him the whole story and instead of trying to give advice or anything he just kissed me.

The first kiss was shocking. My head was racing around because I had already given up on him being attracted to me at all. I was instantly in a completely different mind space as his lips touched mine. The kiss was slow and gentle at first. He pulled away and asked if this was ok. I said yes, and we kissed again this time our tongues met and I let out a little sigh as he pulled me closer and whispered in my ear that things would be ok. As we continued to kiss his hands started to touch my breasts through my shirt.

I was still trying to process what was happening. I had lusted after him for so long. I was just staring at his lips in the bar just 30 minutes before wondering what it would be like to kiss him, and now it was happening. I continued to let him touch me and I helped him take off my shirt. He kissed his way down my neck and chest to the spot just between my breasts. I pulled his shirt off over his head so I could feel his skin on mine.

My bra came off next and I’ll never forget the look on his face as he scooped up my breasts in his hands and came in for another kiss. His fingers tweaked my nipples in his fingers and the pleasure shot straight through me to my clit. I moved my hand to his crotch to touch his obvious erection through his pants. Our eyes met and he seemed to be asking me a question. I silently said yes and he stood up and motioned for me to follow him. We stood next to the bed and kissed passionately while losing the rest of our clothes.

He had me lay down on the bed and positioned himself next to me up on an elbow but with his body next to mine. He kissed me from above as I lay on my back and his hand worked its way lower and lower headed towards my pussy. I could feel his cock on my leg as he kissed and touched me. I felt his finger parting my pussy lips and darting inside to gently touch my clit. I was really wet by this point and he brought his finger to his mouth to taste me. Then he kissed me again and I could taste myself on his lips.

I was starting to sort of fixate on his cock and wanting to touch it and suck it. I hadn’t gotten to concentrate on that yet so I started to sit up and move towards his cock. He laid back on the pillows and watched me as I got between his legs and too his cock in my hand. I was pleasantly surprised by how big it was. I don’t know why but I had assumed he wouldn’t be that big. lol I licked the head first and then started to take it all in my mouth slowly. I was looking up at his face as I pushed down as far as I could take him in my mouth. I loved seeing the lust in his eyes. I continued to suck and lick his cock until I could tell he was starting to get close to cumming. I looked up at him to see if he wanted to cum yet….I wasn’t sure if he wanted to so soon and if he’d be able to get hard again later. He looked determined to cum so I kept going and grabbed his cock at the base and kept sucking and licking. His breathing increased and his hands went to my head as he started to cum. I could feel the cum move up his cock and as it started spurting into my mouth I swallowed every drop. I kept sucking until he pushed me off because it was too sensitive.

I had a smile on my face as I sat up. So did he, and he pulled me up to him and kissed me again. I guess he wanted to taste himself on my lips. His hands were on my breasts and then he moved a hand down between my legs and slid a finger inside me. He was surprised by how wet I was. I told him that I love sucking cock especially when I can make a man cum so quickly. He assured me that he would be able to stay hard and cum again later, but first he wanted to lick me.

I laid back on the pillows and he positioned himself between my legs. He parted my pussy lips and I felt his tongue flick over my clit. His tongue moved in deeper and started to explore and find just the right spot on my clit. I made sure to respond so he’d know that I like it on the right side as he’s looking at it. There is a little spot on that side of my clit that just feels incredibly good. He took me to the edge of cumming then backed off a few times until I was almost begging for him to let me cum. I was pretty much wimpering. lol

I felt a finger go inside my pussy and start to rub my g-spot gently. That was enough to send me over the edge instantly. I don’t remember what sort of sounds I made, but I’m pretty sure I was loud. It was a very very intense and awesome orgasm.

He continued to lightly lick my clit, but it was really too sensitive for him to continue. I motioned for him to come back and lay down next to me. We laid there and I started to feel emotional all over again. He kissed me and wiped my tears until I calmed down again. We just kissed and touched and enjoyed the moment until he got up from the bed and went to grab something from his pants.

He pulled out a condom and put it on his cock quickly and was on top of me in an instant. He slid his cock into my pussy slowly. I just love savoring that feeling the first time a man’s cock goes into me. We made eye contact as he pushed himself into me. That moment was so intimate and pleasureful.

He started to fuck me slowly and gently but with gaining intensity and speed. My nipples were as hard as rocks as he fucked me. His cock felt so damn good inside me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him deeper in me. I started getting close to cumming but managed to hide it. I didn’t ever want it to end.

We changed positions and he started to fuck me from behind while I was on my hands and knees… well elbows and knees. lol That felt even better. That’s my FAVORITE position and his cock was such a nice size. I pushed back on him and he just fucked me harder and harder. I couldn’t take it anymore and I screamed as an orgasm exploded from inside my pussy to my clit to my nipples and out to every inch of my body. This seemed to push him over the edge because I felt him speed up and give me two last really big thrusts and I felt his cock twitch as he came.

We collapsed back on the bed and caught our breath. I was worried it would be really weird, but I felt completely comfortable with him. He had succeeded in making me forget about my problems if just for an hour or so.

I was exhausted and fell asleep on top of the covers. When I woke up in the middle of the night he had gotten me under the blankets and was sleeping there right next to me. I relaxed and fell back asleep. In the morning I woke up to find him propped up on his elbow watching me sleep.

I liked how that felt. It didn’t seem creepy at all. His eyes were lustful and I felt the same way. We ended up somewhat repeating the night’s activities this time in a slower and softer manner. He was on top of me and more vocal. He coaxed me to cum for him when I started getting close. That, of course, pushed me over the edge and I came just seconds before him.

We showered and got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast. I was expecting things to get weird, but they never were. We of course had to hide it from the other people in the orchestra staying in the hotel so we staged that we “met up in the lobby” to go for breakfast. It was good we did, too because we were joined by about 5 colleagues.

After eating we went to our own rooms and got dressed for the concert. He helped me carry my luggage to my car and kissed me next to my car saying that he hoped we could do this again next month. I said we definitely should. Then we walked to the concert together.