I’m going to call my new friend N (I hope I haven’t used that one yet). I will probably have to end up putting a list on the sidebar to help you all keep track of my characters.

N arrived at 7pm and we almost immediately went upstairs. I had spent the better part of Wednesday getting to know him online since we were both stuck at home for a snow day. From the beginning I felt comfortable with him. Sure, there were the “first time” nerves, but they were way less than I’ve had with other men.

N is 6’3″ (I’m a sucker for a tall guy) with a shaved head and goatee. His smile is the warmest most inviting smile I’ve ever seen, but there is also a hint of mischief in his eyes. We stood in my bedroom and kissed while my husband pulled up a chair to watch. N’s strong arms were wrapped around me as his lips and tongue met mine. We lost most of our clothes then laid down on the bed and kept kissing. His hand were roaming all over my body and eventually went between my legs. He slowly dipped a finger into my pussy and I was already really wet. He started to finger my clit slowly at first. He sort of experimented a little and found the spot I really like. I guess I’m pretty vocal during sex….if it feels good you’ll know.

He had me cumming in no time. My orgasm shot through me while he kissed my lips and held me close. It was so intimate and I’d just met this man like 15 minutes before. After I came down my hand reached down to feel his hard cock through his underwear. I motioned for him to take them off and started sucking his cock. Very pleasantly tasty cock. 🙂 It’s a good length and not too wide to easily suck. He was fingering me again while I sucked him and I think I came again. This is where the orgasms started to kind of blend together.

Eventually he motioned me back to lay down beside him and kissed me again while touching my nipples. He was being nice and gentle with them and I told him to pinch them….then to pinch them harder. I think he liked hearing that direction and the look on his face was one of sort of wonder and arousal. We kissed some more – he rubbed my clit. Then he whispered in my ear that he needed to be inside me.

After we put a condom on him he bent me over the side of the bed and fucked me from behind. He was too tall so, after trying (unsuccessfully) to match up while I was standing, I knelt on the bed and he shoved his cock into me. It was awesome…just fucking awesome. His cock felt so good inside me. I was so aroused and already on a good string of orgasms from him rubbing my clit that I came while he fucked me. That doesn’t always happen (although recently it seems to be happening a lot—-used to depend on size and shape of cock).

Ok, so this is going to have to be a multi part post because my husband is needing attention and even though I’m sore and almost completely worn out I must do my “duty.” What a nice duty to have though, right? 🙂

more later