Can someone explain to me why, as a woman, I should feel compelled to vote for Clinton just for a simple fact that she is also a woman? Isn’t that just as sexist as saying a man won’t vote for her because she’s a woman? I’m so sick of people assuming that I would base a decision on who I’d prefer to be the next president of the country solely on her gender. FUCK YOU MEDIA!!!!!!! I think it’s great when they cover her in a sexist manner. Might as well, she thinks that being a woman is reason enough for me to want to vote for her. The problem is, I hate women. Yes, women are bitches myself included. There is a reason there are two sexes and I think we should all revel in the differences rather than try to erase them. I’m proud of my woman bits and sure as hell don’t want people to ignore them just because they identify my gender.