I need to finish this story, but for some reason I just have been having a hard time with it. This experience with N reminded me that I do enjoy sex without being beaten or tied up, etc. I guess I already knew that, but this highlighted it for me. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a man as I did with N (besides my husband, duh). Usually when I meet with D I am nervous, but once things start I have to use all my concentration to deal with the sensations I’m getting. No more time to get nervous or scared. But with N we just enjoying each other’s bodies. It wasn’t rushed or weird. Just full of lots of pleasure.

Now, where did I leave off? Oh yes, he was fucking me from behind. This man has incredible stamina. It was partially caused by being watched by my husband, but his cock stayed hard. N was talking to me and telling me to push back on him. It was just so incredibly hot.

We changed positions and I laid down and he positioned himself between my legs. He slid his cock inside me slowly and just enjoyed the sensation. It felt really good and it was so hot to be able to see his face while he fucked me.

After he fucked me like that a little he laid down next to me again. We were both pretty tired by this point. We just relaxed and all three chatted for a while. It started to get kind of late and I thought he’d need to get going soon. I was trying to decide whether to get up and start putting on clothes. I didn’t want it to end, but I didn’t know what to do next.

During a break in the conversation he pulled me close and kissed me again. The feeling I got during that moment is indescribable. Just awesome. Our legs were intertwined and we were just oblivious to the world. We just kissed and touched and looked into each other’s eyes. He was pinching my nipples and I encouraged him to do it harder. I know he’s not really into any sort of pain play, but he started seeing how hard he could pinch before I needed him to stop. I never stopped him. I just stared into his eyes until he let go. It was so fucking hot! It was like I was combining my submissive side with the vanilla part of sex. Then he started kind of biting my lips and tongue. He said later that he really liked the sound I made when he did it. lol

While we were kissing, etc. his hand slid down my stomach to my pussy again. He started rubbing my clit again and telling me he wanted to hear and feel me cum again for him. This man had me so wet I couldn’t believe it. He rubbed my clit and whispered in my ear to cum for him. That did it, and I came again – this time I was quite dazed afterwards.

After I got my bearings I started touching his cock again and then started sucking it. I was trying really hard to make him cum, but it just wasn’t happening. He fingered me some more while I sucked his cock. I seriously can’t believe how many times I came that night. I have no idea how many, but I think it was in the 10+ range.

He decided he needed to fuck me again and I grabbed another condom. He shoved his cock in side me with even greater force than before. I was on my knees again and he was fucking me so hard I could barely hold myself up. His hands were on my hips and he was just ramming into me. I had more orgasms, who knows how many, and he just kept fucking me until I basically collapsed on the bed unable to hold myself up any longer.

I rolled over on my back and with my head at the edge of the bed I reached over and took the condom off of him and started to suck his cock again. I was looking up at him with his cock in my mouth. I think he really liked that.

He lay back down beside me and we kissed and touched some more. He rubbed my clit again, and I seriously thought I was all out of orgasms. It took a long time but he made me cum again. By this point I was really starting to feel out of it. Like I needed to pass out. We laid there for a long time just sort of coming down from everything. Nagging in the back of my mind was the fact that he never came. I asked him about it and he said he was probably just a little nervous because my husband was in the room. He said not to worry, that he’d cum next time, and that this was exactly what he needed. He loved pleasing me and making me cum so many times.

All of a sudden we realized it was 10pm. He’d been there for 3 hours. THREE HOURS!!! That was so surprising at the time, but now that I’ve typed all this stuff out it does seem like 3 hours. We reluctantly got up and put clothes on and I walked him out, sneaking one last kiss at the door.

I’m sure there are mistakes and timeline errors in the story, but since there were no pictures taken like there usually are during encounters I don’t have an external record of the evenings events. I’m sure you all get the gist, right?

This is the kind of play friend I’ve been looking for. Someone to share hot sex with on a semi-regular basis. Someone who lives in my town. Someone who makes me so hot for him I can’t even believe it. I can’t wait to see him again. Tentative plans are for some day next week maybe in the afternoon while my husband is at work. hee hee. That should be fun. (and yes my husband knows about it! he reads this blog!)

Damn this made me all horny again…..guess I’ll be masturbating before work.

What do you guys think about this guy? Do you like reading about this sort of thing just as much as the rough stuff. Or do you like reading about both kinds?