It’s been all over the news. The shooting at Northern Illinois University. I live within a few states of this school and have actually driven through Dekalb. I was reading some stuff a friend of mine put up on facebook about a “church” in Kansas that will be protesting at the funerals for the kids who were killed at NIU. And why? Because NIU supposedly “loves fags.” This distinction has absolutely nothing to do with the specific school. Basically, whenever something tragic happens in the country this group claims that it is god punishing America because it’s “full of fags.” I looked around on their website (will not post the link because even that is horrible – you can google westboro and find these assholes) and just kept getting more and more angry.

Even if you don’t believe in christianity or god in general you have to agree that what these people are doing is horribly wrong. I can’t even imagine losing a daughter/sister/friend to a horrific random murder, but then add these absolutely horrible protesting at the funeral of an innocent person and nobody could drag me away from beating the living hell out of them.

There’s just so many things wrong with this whole picture. I seriously never every thought I’d come across such blind hatred. They hide behind one phrase from the bible and base all of their hate on it. They think that god is continuously punishing America because it is full of horrible sinners. Every time there is an attack they claim it’s another punishment from god. This includes 9/11!

I wish there was something I could do about them freaking protesting at the funerals of these poor kids. It’s just sooooooo FUCKING WRONG!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I’m so angry my hands are shaking. I need to stop writing about this.