I just got home from picking up D from the airport. It should have been a 30 minute drive each way, but it took over an hour each way. The roads were that bad. He was supposed to get back yesterday, but the weather prevented that. It’s lucky that all of my students called me one by one throughout the day to cancel their lessons otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go pick him up.

D had been visiting his girlfriend in New York. He had a great week bumming around Manhattan. Must suck to come back to this weather mess after being in such a fun place. He’s been planning to stage another gangbang for me on Saturday. He is trying to make it 10 guys this time. I don’t even know if I can handle that many, but I’m sure not all 10 will show up. That’s usually how these things go. I am not letting myself get excited yet because I don’t know for sure if it will happen. I can’t even believe sometimes that this is MY life. If people in my regular life knew that I might have 10 guys fucking me and using me this Saturday I think they’d freak out…..a lot. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Last week my shrink gave me some advice that is starting to really make sense to me. She told me to stop saying should….as in, “I should be working on xyz.” If I just say, “I will work on xyz,” and choose a specific time and order of events then things will get done much better. So, tonight I am going to:

1. reply to emails
2. eat dinner with husband
3. finish marking the part for my orchestra job
4. practice orchestra music
5. hopefully chat with some fine peeps on yahoo (find me as m.co lin i there but take out the spaces and keep the dot)
6. get my pussy licked until I pass out. 😉 gotta love my husband!