I have had a bit of a melancholy day. Not for any reason I can put my finger on. I just have a lot of sad feelings. So tonight I’m sitting here contemplating going to bed and I decide to turn on iTunes and put it on random to see what pops up. A few pieces/songs go by then I hear something I haven’t heard in years. It made me have a visceral reaction. I started to tear up immediately. It’s just one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever played. I had the chance to perform it my first year of graduate school and I’ll never forget how that made me feel. I became friends with the other people in the group. We did almost everything together that semester (this was before my husband joined me here). Listening to this piece reminded me of the joy I feel when I get to perform music I love with people I love. It’s been such a very long time since I’ve experienced that.

I love how music can trigger emotions in me instantly. I can remember things I never could without the music playing. I have to start listening to music more often. It might make me less weirdly emotional.