I’m out of town on business again. Gotta love the life of a musician. However, this winter has made even getting to work quite difficult. I had to drive halfway across my state today from my college teaching job to my orchestra job and of course it was a big nasty snow storm. In fact, it’s only supposed to be bad weather when I’m traveling this week. Just bad luck I guess. Or I could look at it as a character building experience. It took me 4 hours to get here….it was supposed to take 2 hours and 15 minutes. I must have lots of character by now.

My husband and I watched a movie with some friends last night. One of them was K and the other was the woman we went to a concert with awhile back. I was nervous because this was simply a social gathering, meaning not for sex. I don’t usually have simple social gatherings with people I’ve had sex with. I’m not used to it. So, I spent the night thinking about what it’s like to fuck K, and what it’s like to watch my husband lick P until she couldn’t take it anymore. It was a lot of fun. We discovered over the course of the evening’s conversation that the two of them would be in the same town I have orchestra in so I might see them sometime this weekend. Who knows… Damn that reminds me!!! Fuck!!! I forgot to get them comp tickets for the concert on Sunday. I’m an idiot! lol Oh well. Might have been weird to have them there anyway…how would I explain how I know them!?

I other news, my husband came home early from work yesterday. When he walked in I had just finished having phone sex with T. I think my husband liked it because then he fucked me silly. It was fucking amazing. Then we had to clean the house…that wasn’t amazing.