I’m staying with my friends again for my orchestra gig. We went to get a bit to eat after rehearsal tonight, and when we sat down they were disappointed with the waiter we had because they’d gotten bad service from him before. He seemed to be in a bad mood when he brought us the menus and took our drink order. I decided to try to improve the situation by flirting with him. I made eye contact when I ordered my drink and he blushed. Then when he came back to take our food order I had unbuttoned my sweater so my breasts were displayed a bit more. He looked. Very obviously looked. I “caught” him looking, smiled at him and he got all flustered. It was cute. After that he seemed to be having a much better night. He smiled more and was EXTREMELY attentive to me. My friends were laughing because he was almost ignoring them, but serving me very well. Every time he walked by our table I looked up at him, made eye contact, and smiled. It was awesome. I felt really good, and he ended up getting an enormous tip….and my phone number. That was easy. 🙂