Saturday night was a pretty low-key adventure with D. It was a short, laidback session, but just as fun as usual.

That morning I decided to wear a skirt without panties for the whole day. So, I was teaching all morning and afternoon with no panties on. I liked the way it made me feel. It kept my mind thinking about what I was going to do that night. I love making myself feel like a slut. And I looked damn good, too!

I went tanning after work because I had started to feel nervous. I had thought I’d be able to make it through the day without getting nervous, but towards the end of teaching thefamiliar feeling in my stomach crept in. Usually, I get nervous for days before an encounter with D, but now that I’ve been seeing him since July I think I’m more comfortable with both him and also the nature of our relationship.

We arrived at D’s house just after 8 o’clock. We walked in and after just a few minutes of semi-awkward small talk we were in his bedroom and he was taking my glasses off. He set my glasses aside and I saw his eyes change as he grabbed me and kissed me. His kisses are so passionate and just really fucking arousing. He really asserts his role as the Dominant and I’m instantly in my place. He pulled my shirt off, unhooked my bra and tossed them aside. He left my skirt on, bent me over the bed, pulled up my skirt and started spanking me.

My ass started to heat up as he hit me over and over. I was trying my best not to be too loud partly because I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted to see how much I could take. I eventually couldn’t keep completely quiet and it was obvious to D that I was close to maxing out for the moment. He always knows just when to stop with me. He won’t keep going if I’m starting to lose my concentration or slip into a fog. Sometimes I wish I could see what would happen if he didn’t stop. He slid a finger inside my pussy and found it to be extremely wet. I get really really wet for him when he beats me.

He stepped away briefly and I heard a condom being ripped open and in a few seconds I felt his cock push inside me. He fucked me hard from the beginning – no starting slow just good, hard, deep fucking right away.

Well….. this is as far as I got writing about last weekend. I can’t seem to bring myself to write about the rest of it. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was all very good. Nothing negative. So why am I having so much trouble writing about it? I don’t really know. I’ve been asking myself that question all week. My parents were here this weekend; maybe that contributed some. Another reason might be next weekend’s plans. The 10-man gangbang is scheduled for next Saturday. I’m already starting to get nervous. Really looking forward to it.

I am not dead….just floating.