Allow me to introduce the latest new guy to come into my life. I’m calling him ST. He just moved to my town and was looking for a submissive. I think I will be his submissive. The extent to which I will be interacting with ST is, of course, up to Jack.

I have realized that what I have with D is not a D/s type of interaction. He’s merely a sadist and I’m a masochist. Not a lot of what he does is to dominate me. He’s silent through most of our encounters. I don’t feel connected to him in any way outside our sessions. We also don’t talk about me being his submissive or him being my Dominant. Now that I won’t get to see him again until June I started thinking about that and came to the decision that he’s not my Dom. I don’t even feel comfortable enough with him to discuss this issue. I’m sure we’ll have to talk about it at some point, but that can wait.

On to more about ST. If Jack will allow it I will become his owned submissive. This will not interfere with my professional or marital affairs. I will serve ST in pre-decided upon (by Jack and ST) sessions. This will include sex and instructions and if I do not follow instructions I will be punished.

Jack and I are both going to be having sex with ST tonight. He’s bi-curious and Jack is looking forward to sucking and fucking him. I’m not sure how the dynamic will play out here – I’m the submissive and ST is my Dom, but Jack is really the one calling the shots. Tonight is supposed to be about sex and seeing how we three are chemistry-wise.

I just talked on the phone with ST for the first time. He was going over the things to expect as his submissive. Instead of collaring me he will be installing a small chain around my waist to serve the same purpose. Jack’s probably not going to allow that, but the decision is out of my hands. I do not want to have to wear some uncomfortable chain around my waist, but will do it as part of serving ST. I like that feeling already.

He told me I am expected to text him when I wake up in the morning, when I go to sleep at night, and after having sex with Jack. I must ask for permission before having sex with anyone besides Jack, and must follow his decision or face punishment regardless of what Jack says.

I am also not allowed to spend much time messing around on this computer today. I have to practice and work on my dissertation. This order came from me and was endorsed by Jack. 🙂

Do you guys think it’s foolish for me to enter into a relationship like this with ST? Anyone have any thoughts?