I love winter, but this past winter was a bit much even for me. I thought I had left those winters behind when I moved out of the arctic tundra of ND. So, I’m enjoying going outside without a coat on again. Well…looks like I’ll be wearing a rain coat for the next week or so. I hate it when it rains so much because all the worms come up to die on the sidewalk. Makes me want to puke!

I’m getting a cold thanks to Jack. He’s always getting me sick. You’d think it would be the germ-breeders I teach that get me sick, but he felt sick first so I’m blaming him. So easy to blame him.

We went to ST’s place last night. He lives at work right now. It’s a horrible and dirty place. I can’t even understand how he can possibly survive living in a place like that. It’s basically a warehouse and a very smelly one at that. He had a long day so I gave him a back rub and a few kisses and went home. Oh, yeah, and Jack made me take off my shirt to rub ST’s back. No sex, but now I’m all horny thinking about it. Go figure. When we got home last night Jack and I fucked. I can’t rave enough about my husband’s cock. So amazing……….