I just had the best sex of my entire life. Jack and I were just relaxing and watching/worshiping our tv (remember – it’s 52″ of good old American wastefulness) and I felt horny. I told him to follow me upstairs to the bedroom. We both got naked and I grabbed my hitachi magic wand and we laid down on the bed with me on my back and him on his side facing me. I made him rub my clit with the toy while he sucked on one of my nipples. I directed him on exactly where to push the toy into me. It felt so good I can’t even describe it. Just perfect pleasure. I didn’t want it to end – ever. I eventually came so hard I let out a weird sound and just grabbed Jack into a big hug, forcing him to abandon the toy and just grab me. This orgasm is the most intense pleasure I have ever experienced in my life. Now, I have had a lot of orgasms in my life. Most of the best ones I have given myself (hey, what can I say? I know my body the best!!). This orgasm tops even the best solo ones. Jack is the reason. Love+extreme lust+Jack’s extensive experience with making me cum=THE BEST ORGASM EVER.

You’ll notice I titled this post the Best Sex EVER!!!!! That’s because Jack didn’t stop with just making me cum once. He got on top of me and fucked me like I’ve never been fucked before. I just felt so perfectly awesome with his cock inside me. I didn’t think I was capable of cumming again after what I had just experienced, but I came four more times with his cock buried deep inside me. He came just as I was cumming the last time. I can’t even believe how good this afternoon was. I LOVE AFTERNOON SEX. I LOVE SEX WITH JACK. I LOVE JACK’S COCK. I LOVE JACK. I LOVE MY LIFE.