Turns out this past weekend was supposed to be all about intense sexual interactions. Last night I went to see ST alone. When I walked in he was already naked and lying down. So, I took off my clothes and sat next to him. We chatted for a bit, catching up as he had been out of town for two days. Then we had sex. Pretty good sex. He fucked me and licked me and I came. It was a pleasant evening.

The good part comes when I got home though. I love having sex with Jack after being with another man. First of all I need to reconnect with him, but also his cock is what I need to be satisfied. So, we went upstairs and I stroked him and then sucked him to get him hard. Then I climbed on top and fucked him. I have said this before, but I usually don’t like being on top. For some reason though I am liking it more and more these days. I rode his cock until I made him cum. Quite unexpectedly I might add. The look on his face was priceless. Total surprise and pleasure all at once. Yeah, I’ve got skills.

After that we went downstairs to get a snack then came back to bed for some more action. He licked my pussy and fucked me with my glass dildo. I came pretty quickly and it was really fucking intense. He didn’t stop though and got me to cum once more with his tongue on my clit. Then he got on top of me and fucked me and I came three more times. So, to add up how many times I came last night: once from ST licking me, twice while I was fucking Jack, twice while Jack was licking me, and three times when Jack was fucking me. That equals 8 times. You better believe I felt great this morning. And for your information, I’m wearing a skirt with no panties today. 🙂

So, my brother is coming for a visit. He’ll be here sometime tonight and will be here until Wednesday. This is an uninvited visit and I’m kind of annoyed that he’s going to be here on days that I have to work. He’ll be doing a lot of sitting alone in front of our enormous television. I’m sure he won’t complain.