I seriously need some sex. My brother has been visiting and is leaving today. So, tonight I’ll finally get some sex. Jack is very happy about this. I guess I’ve been driving him crazy the past two days so some relief is much needed. Unfortunatly I have a rehearsal out of town tonight and will be getting back late only to return early in the morning. Would have loved to just stay over night there, but the gig doesn’t pay for expenses so it’s not worth it to pay for a hotel out of pocket.

ST is doing well. He has a vehicle now, and work hours have gone down to a normal work day. Kind of ironic that the nights when I’m busy (aka this whole week) he’s done early. Oh well. I’m not sure when I’ll see him again… maybe Thursday or Friday night?

Jack told me he’s been talking to D about sending me to see him during the day when his daughter is at school. They decided that next Wednesday I’ll be going to his place from 2-3 for some sex. No beating or anything, just sex. This is a bit nerve wracking for me because I’ve never just had sex with D. I have no idea what to expect once we are equals. I know for sure that I love fucking him so that will just be what I have to focus on I guess.