Exactly one week ago this minute I had just swallowed D’s cum and was sitting and chatting with him naked and with a smile on my face. I had been nervous all day before going to his house because I wasn’t sure if he remembered that Jack had set this up. Right before 2pm he came online and said he had just gotten home from work and that I should come on over. I was relieved and finally excited about going.

I got to his place and we went right to his bedroom. Things started pretty much the way they usually do – with him removing my glasses. He set them aside and kissed me passionately. He tasted like cigarettes, which I loved. We kissed and embraced for a bit then he took his shirt off and told me to get on my knees. He undid his pants and I grabbed his already hard cock and started sucking. He had his hands on my face and the back of my head as he enjoyed my mouth on his cock.

Next he stood me up, took off my shirt and unhooked my bra. His hands immediately went to my breasts and grabbed them. He pinched sucked on my nipples and I was in heaven. I love how he touches me. He reached between my legs to check if I was wet and of course I was. He called me a slut and had me bend over the side of the bed. He leaned down to taste my pussy then stood me up to kiss me and make me taste myself. He bent me back over and fingered my clit and pussy a bit. Then I heard him putting on a condom and before I knew it his cock was buried deep inside me. He fucked me mercilessly and I came a few times. While he fucked me he grabbed my hair or my hips or my breasts and just rammed his cock in my pussy. He just feels so good inside me.

Details are a little fuzzy after a whole week, but I think I sucked his cock next. After that, he took a break to smoke and had me lay down so he could finger me while he smoked. I found that to be pretty hot. He made me cum while smoking. 🙂

Then he got on top of me and fucked me again, this time with my legs up on his shoulders. After a while he had me get on my hands and knees and he fucked me from behind.

Then he laid down and I sucked his cock and licked his balls until he came in my mouth.

It was an incredible afternoon and I hope we can do it again sometime soon.