Monday night Jack and I hosted a fun evening with ST. We all grabbed a bite to eat and then came back to our place. It had been a really long time since we had any naked fun with ST. I must say it was quite a satisfying experience for me. Jack enjoyed it too I think.

At the restaurant I was the one who asked ST if he wanted to come over to our house. The last time we had dinner with ST nobody had the courage to initiate anything so this time I had to take matters into my own shy hands. He agreed happily and we were off. (Jack wants me to include here that he once was the person to initiate and ever since then he has refused to do it again. So…. we were at an impasse because I’m too shy to do stuff like that and ST didn’t feel right trying to start anything for fear that Jack wouldn’t approve. Jack thinks we should all have to take turns being the one to initiate…..I disagree, but whatever…).

Once we got in the house I announced that they could do whatever they wanted, but that I was going upstairs. I went up and took off almost all of my clothes and got on the bed. I had just my panties and bra on. When the boys made their way into the bedroom I told them if they wanted to see me naked that someone better take my bra and panties off of me.

ST came over and started helping me out of them. Once I was naked I told them to get rid of their clothes and join me on the bed. I was in the middle and they played with me for a while – kissing and touching and fondling and all that good stuff.

Then my phone rang – stupid sister. I took the call in my office and the boys got down to business with each other. I could hear them sucking each others cocks and I was trying to hurry and finish the damn phone call as quickly as possible. When I walked back in the room ST was sucking Jack’s cock so I joined him. We traded Jack’s cock back and forth and kissed a little. I love sharing cock like that.

I guess, while I was on the phone, I had missed Jack sucking ST so they switched back for a while. Next I decided I wanted to fuck ST. I put a condom on him and climbed on top. It felt really good to fuck him again – had been far too long. Jack decided it would be great fun to put a finger in my ass while I fucked ST. I sort of pretended to not like it (even though they both knew I was really enjoying it all the while), but damn it felt good. When I came it was a pretty intense orgasm.

Next they took turns licking my pussy. So nice to have them both because it’s so different with each of them. Jack knows my body so well that he can control my orgasm however he wants. ST is still new to me so all the sensations are different and new, but he’s a really quick learner and knows what feels best already. That man has skills.

Next we decided that Jack should fuck me and cum inside me then ST would lick my pussy and eat Jack’s cum. It was a huge, pleasurable relief to have my husband’s cock inside me. After cumming on ST’s cock it was incredible to have Jack’s thick one inside me. First Jack fucked me on the edge of the bed with my feet on his shoulders and him standing. Then we switched so I could suck ST’s cock while getting fucked from behind. That was fucking awesome!!!! Jack came inside me then ST came and licked me clean. I think he enjoyed it – I know Jack did. And I always love getting my pussy licked.

After that we were all three laying down on the bed with me in the middle. They decided that it would be fun to tickle me. I am extremely ticklish after orgasm and since I had had so many that evening I was super sensitive to being tickled. They each held down one arm and then each hooked a leg between their own. I couldn’t move. It was torture! They moved on from just tickling to sucking/biting my nipples all while one of them was rubbing my clit. OH WOW!!!!! That was an amazing experience!!!!! They wouldn’t stop after I came, and my clit would be so sensitive that I was begging them to stop even though they wouldn’t.