I had my appointment today to discuss the abnormal pap. I love my doctor. She’s always able to make me feel better even when things don’t look perfect. I have to have a procedure next week that will shed more light (literally and figuratively) on the situation. I’m going to get some sort of scope inside me to get a better look at my cervix. Sorry if all this talk about gyno stuff is turning you off. I think many of my readers come here for the sexual stories. Sorry, but right now I’m a bit sidelined. My procedure is next week on Thursday.

Right now I’m feeling ok with the situation. I don’t the massive amounts of anxiety that I had before my appointment. Unfortunately, Jack isn’t here tonight. I’ll be alone in my own bed for only the third time since we got married in 2000. He is undergoing a sleep study at a local clinic. His doctor thinks he may have sleep apnea. I do know that he snores louder than a jet plane. lol But I’ve learned to live with that. I hope he’s sleeping all right tonight.

I heard from a very old friend today. Someone I hadn’t heard from since maybe 2003. She was my best friend in undergrad, but things ended badly between us. She was the first friend I ever “broke up” with. Ever since my first year of college when I met here she was a complete mess. But I looked up to her as a cool friend. I admired her bravery and spunk. She just always did whatever she wanted whether it was a drug or a boy…anything. She left a message on my home answering machine. That means she looked up my number in the phone book or something. I know she was doing grad school somewhere out east, and I gather that she’d be finishing up right about now. I can’t decide whether to call her back… might open up a whole new can of worms. The way things ended was I finally had to tell her it wasn’t cool to call me 8-10 times a day with all of her problems when she wouldn’t even stop talking to ask how my day was. After that conversation I didn’t hear from her for months. Now it’s 5 years later and I can’t imagine what she’d have to say to me.

I guess I should get to bed. I have a nice big bed all to myself with nobody to fight over the tv remote.