It’s Jack’s birthday. I just gave him part of his birthday gift and now he’s sleeping. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it because he didn’t move much afterward. It all started when he tied up my tits and then immobilized my arms. He had me lay down on the bed on my back and proceeded to torture me with my hitachi magic wand. So much so that he brought me to tears because it was so intense on my clit. After he stopped the torture he touched me and smacked me around some more until I was just crying. Ok, that sentence may sound bad to some of you, but damn I LOVED IT!!

Then he untied me and we snuggled up under a blanket for a while. Then he got between my legs and licked me until I came so hard I almost lost consciousness. Then he fucked me until I came three times and he sprayed his cum inside me.

So, that’s why he is sleeping after getting part of his gift. We might go out for dinner tonight, but then again it’s father’s day…. oh well. Maybe we’ll go to the casino. But whatever we do, I think I’ll let him sleep for a few more minutes. He worked hard for his birthday gift. 🙂