I guess I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve had a lot of fun experiences in the past few weeks so I will catch you all up on them.

Last weekend I went to a strip club for the first time in my life. Well, actually I had been to one before, but that was just to deliver a pizza. I was a conservative little virgin church goer at the time so I was totally embarrassed to be in there. I literally looked at the floor the entire time I was there. I just walked in and waited for the person who’d ordered to approach me.

Well, this time was much different. It was Jack and I with a bunch of friends we met on AFF. We all met and had dinner at a bar somewhere out in the middle of nowhere then headed over to the strip club.

I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I was mainly afraid that Jack would do something to embarrass me. I thought he’d tease me for being nervous and he did, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. See, he gets angry with me when I let him go through doors first. He gets mad when I stand behind him while waiting in line. And sometimes (like last night when we went out for dinner) he makes a big deal of it and humiliates me in public. He finds it funny and I just want to disappear when it happens. I’m not allowed to get angry because then he’ll be mad and we all know what happens then: silence from him for days.

Our group was pretty free compared to the other patrons at the club. We were throwing ice cubes down shirts and putting ice in people’s pants, etc. Just kind of acting like horny teenagers. It was fun to watch. Towards the end of the night they all ganged up on me and “forced” me to go sit right up front of the stage. I guess strippers like it when women come because they can show the women’s tits and then the men tip even better because there are more naked tits and that’s what they came to see. I must admit that I like that arrangement, and even though I was nervous I enjoyed every minute of having a naked stripper lift up my shirt and bra and touch her nipples to mine. The men sitting next to me must have liked it too because they were cheering. I heard none of that because I was in the zone (aka nervous!!!!!!!!), but Jack confirmed their pleasure in seeing my naked tits.

All in all I can’t wait to go back. It was a comfortable atmosphere for me. I didn’t have to feel weird for looking at beautiful women’s bodies.

Let’s see….what else have we done…..

Oh yeah, the other night I stayed up late working on my dissertation research (was enjoying getting back to my night owl roots – used to be able to work my absolute best from 10pm to 2am) while Jack went to bed at about 10pm. At 2am I came to bed and woke him up by touching him and playing with his cock. I made him wake up and fuck me. Poor guy – was pretty dazed after we finished because he sat there sitting up and staring at the television for like 15 minutes. I had to actually remind him to lay down and go back to sleep. He’s really cute when he’s groggy like that.

Last night it was storming here and that always makes me horny. Well, I wasn’t that horny last night – I had had a long and productive day and was content to watch television. Jack had other ideas. He “dragged” me upstairs and announced, “we’re fucking.” Who am I to argue with that logic? We kissed and touched for a while and I sucked his cock for a bit before he got between my legs and started licking me. He started really slowly just licking my pussy lips and working his way slowly to my clit. He was teasing me and not really licking hard enough. It was driving me crazy. Finally his tongue started to hit the right spots and he started fucking me with two fingers. When I came my whole body felt like it was paralyzed. I felt so good I couldn’t even move. It was such a good orgasm. Then before I could even come down from my high he was positioning his cock outside my pussy and pushing it inside me. I love that feeling when he first pushes in me. He fucked me good and hard while the storm raged outside. It was amazing…I came so hard last night. I’m getting all horny just thinking about it.

Damn. Back to work on my diss.