I had my procedure today. The appointment was originally scheduled for two weeks ago, but it had gotten canceled by the doctor’s office and rescheduled. I knew what to expect and my doctor made everything pretty easy.

Right now everything looks normal and she told me I have nothing to worry about. She took a sample of some more cells just to make sure everything is 100% ok.

I’m feeling back to normal now after not much pain right following my appointment. I have no restrictions as far as sex goes so if Jack’s in the mood I’ll be getting it tonight. I made him masturbate last night instead of fucking because I didn’t want “evidence” of our session visible to the doctor.

I’m sorry I’ve been absent lately. There are reasons and some of you know them. The biggest reason this past week is I have been getting work done on the diss. Some road blocks have been thrown in my way, but I’m not going to let that stop me.

One more item. One of the links on my sidebar is now dead. I will not remove it, but just so you know it’s dead and left there for a reason. Sharing Dee is gone for good. I’m very sad about this, but Joe’s pretty much been absent from blogging for about a year now. He had a really interesting blog for a while, and was an inspiration to me. Sad to see him take down his blog completely. He will be missed by many people. Mike over at Shared Cindy put up a great post about Joe today.