I’m a little stressed. Work is very busy these days. Ok, well it’s not actually any of my “jobs” that I’m busy with. I have to tape two episodes of a friend’s “tv” show next Wednesday, and I’m feeling the crunch. It’s just a small web-based show about classical music, but she got word this past spring that she got picked up by a cable company in Europe. I don’t know the details, but it kind of sounds exciting. Some of you might remember me talking about being on the show when it was still live. I appeared in April of 2007. I have to discuss my dissertation topic and perform some of the music. It’s a good way for me to get stuff organized in my head because I’m still working towards a topic.

Is there anyone out there that is fluent in German and also knows something about music? I have three articles to get translated asap. It’s frustrating that I chose to study French way back in high school when my research area would have benefited more from German (of Russian for that matter!!). Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find someone soon.

I’m also organizing two freelance gigs not this weekend, but next weekend. Usually that sort of thing is really easy to facilitate. BUT, two of my normal quartet members bailed a week ago and I had to punt. On a whim I asked someone who lives 3 and a half hours away. It’s two gigs over two days, but the money isn’t all that great. I had to just ask anyway. I fully expected him to take a pass. Want to know who this guy is? Remember the colleague of mine that I fantasized about a lot during last season? The violinist that I kissed, but ended up not fucking? I think I called him Mike in the fictional story I wrote about him. Yeah, it’s him….and he’s staying at my house that weekend.

Jack and I decided that nothing is going to happen. We are going to act like normal, non-sexual people for the weekend and just go about our own business. In order to reduce any potential for awkwardness I have planned a party Saturday night. We should be done working about 5pm and I have invited people to my house at 6. This way there won’t be any weird conversations. Mike doesn’t know that Jack knows we kissed. Jack kind of likes that fact because he’s expecting to enjoy observing Mike deal with that. Anyone want to come to a party?