I’m finally getting to the details of my last encounter with D. This time was the most intense yet. We’ve been getting together for a year now so this was our “anniversary” encounter. The only reason I remember the exact day we started with him is because our photo library is organized by month and year so I just looked it up.

We had originally made plans to see D on Saturday night, but the plans changed so we decided to meet on Sunday afternoon. Seemed kind of like a weird time of day to get tied up, beaten and fucked. However, I enjoyed the irony of the beautiful warm weather outside while we did dark things inside.

This time we met at D’s apartment. He only has air conditioning in his bedroom so he quickly ushered us into the cooler room. Each time I see him it’s less and less awkward. He’s a friend now. The quality of our interaction is much more rewarding. The three of us have history. I find it even more stimulating knowing that he can predict how I’ll react to each sensation. D always adds something new or takes it just a little bit further to test my limits.

We started the way it always does. He took off my glasses then kissed me. The look in his eyes is so intense just before he takes my head in his hands and kisses me. I love the contrast between the tenderness expected in a kiss and the expectation of pain to come.

He kissed my lips, face and neck then turned me around so my back was to him, still kissing my neck. He took off my shirt and bra and grabbed my tits in his hands. It startled me a bit because it hurt so acutely. For some reason I was caught off guard. Then he started in on pinching and twisting my nipples. The way he pinches my nipples always causes what I call “panic pain.” Throughout these sessions I basically try to stop myself from panicking. Pain causes a natural reaction of panic, and overcoming that is what causes me pleasure. I sort of twisted away from him as a natural reaction to the feeling of panic that was overwhelming me, but he caught me in his arms and didn’t let me escape.

Next my pants and panties dropped to the floor and he tenderly kissed my neck as he reached down to test my wetness with his fingers. I’m sure he already knew I’d be dripping wet since I always am. He rubbed my clit and it felt so incredibly good in that moment as my nipples throbbed from his earlier assault on them and as I felt his tongue and lips on my neck.

He spread my legs slightly and began slapping my pussy. Quickly he had me lay on my back on his bed and he continued slapping my pussy while he kissed me. I was writhing in pain immediately. He was ramping it up quite quickly and my heart was racing. Usually I keep my eyes closed when he is hitting me because I can’t handle actually seeing it…makes it harder to endure. But his face was right above mine watching my face so I opened my eyes and made eye contact with him briefly. That was incredibly intense and I could feel myself slipping away into the sensations.

He moved quickly then and tied me to the four corners of his bed on my back spread open for him. That’s when the big flogger came out. It is heavy and thuds more than stings. He worked methodically from my legs to my pussy to my stomach to my tits, hitting me harder than he ever has before with that flogger. I love the feeling of it crashing down on me. My whole body shakes, and I can feel the breeze from the impact.

Next he started using a different flogger. This one is small and stings like a bitch. He focused on my pussy lips and nipples with that one. His aim is always very good and I could feel panic starting to rise again as he continued to strike me. I cannot get into the place where I float away when he’s using the little flogger. It’s too painful. I have to struggle to keep from moving to protect myself. It’s a good think I was tied down. I did break through one of the ankle restraints during one part where he was focused on my pussy lips. I was getting close to tears and when I look at the pictures now and I see how red my pussy lips were I can see why.

He stopped flogging and took off his pants and shoved his cock in my mouth. I love sucking his cock. It’s difficult when tied up though because he is so long that when I start to gag I can’t always get away. That helpless feeling is priceless. During this part he laid on top of me while his cock was in my mouth and licked my clit while fingering my pussy. That orgasm was incredible….first time he’s ever done that to me.

Next he untied me and flipped me over on my stomach. Then I heard him grab a belt. Up until this point I was already thinking that I was proud of myself for taking such a beating with that little flogger on my pussy. Well, that faded away as I found myself sinking deeper into panic as he worked me over with that belt. I was in tears right away. He’s only made me cry one other time and that took a lot. He usually holds back, but not that day…not with that belt. I look at the pictures and I can see angry red marks all over my legs, ass and back from that belt. I was sobbing and trying to keep it together and loving every moment of it. I never thought I’d be able to endure something like that, but I did.

One thing that has always disappointed me is the fact that my skin doesn’t mark easily. My tits bruise very easily, but nowhere else on me (except my stupid shins) ever gets marks. I want to feel welts raised on my ass, but they never come. I’ve had some bruising on my ass, but never anything as spectacular as on my tits. The more pain I can tolerate the closer we get to marking me up. The pictures Jack took during the session show my back covered in red marks overlapping one another. I’m proud to report that later that night I actually had one lasting mark on my shoulder from where the belt wrapped around and a few tiny bruises on my ass.

Before I could recover from the belt he had me get up on hands and knees and he shoved his cock in me. He fucked me hard while touching the places on my back and ass where he’d left marks. I was so turned on…..it felt so good for him to fuck me like that. I was flying so high!

Next, D took a break to smoke and brought us back some water. I was laying on my back on the bed and he started playing with my pussy and rubbing my clit. I wasn’t sure what was going on because my eyes were closed, but he had his cock ready to go in me and Jack was stroking it and then guiding it in while taking pictures with the other hand (he’s so multi-talented). While D was fucking me then Jack got some spectacular pictures of it close up; you can see some marks from the belt on my ass and everything.

Next came the clothespins. I remember the first session with D last summer he used clothespins and I was terrified – they hurt so bad. Now I barely even register that they were on me. He had a few on each pussy lip and a few around each nipple with on right on the nipple. Sure, they hurt a little coming off, but what really hurt was the damned wooden spoon. That thing sucks!!! I worked me over with that thing. He hit my pussy and even held my lips open by the clothespins and hit my clit a few times. It was very difficult not to try to block him and close my legs. He smacked me on the stomach and especially the tits, too. Then the clothespins came off unceremoniously and he proceeded to hit the sore spots with the wooden spoon, too. That was torture. I loved it.

After that things started to get a little hazy for me. There is a picture from the next part where I’m sucking D’s cock and I look like I’m wasted drunk or something. It’s kind of funny to see, actually. Then next part I’m standing up bent over sucking D’s cock while he is laying on his back. Jack took the opportunity to grab our new flogger and start in on me. This new flogger is evil…it’s little rubber strands and it stings so bad! Jack hits harder than D (probably because D is still holding back from going as far as he’s capable, but also Jack is just a much stronger man). Jack had me crying right away and I was doing my best to suck D’s cock at the same time. This part was very intense for me.

Next Jack got on the bed and we sucked D’s cock together. I just stared into Jack’s eyes as we shared that amazing cock between the two of us. D caressed my head and face and shoulder. Nothing better than sharing a cock with Jack….so awesome.

Next D got some sort of heavy cloth belt thing. It was like neoprene or fabric covered elastic or something. This thing hurt the most of anything else that day. I maxed out my pain tolerance on that thing. I was crying so hard my nose started to run and I was starting to feel like I needed to stop. D hit my ass and back with that strap. I endured it all, though and I feel very good about that.

Next I sucked D’s cock while Jack fucked me. I was laying on my back and D was kneeling above me, facing Jack. D was alternating between shoving his cock down my throat and shoving his balls or ass in my face. While I was sucking his cock I felt him getting close to cumming and he pulled out of my mouth and shot on my face and tits. I lapped up as much as I could and he pushed some of the cum into my mouth. Then he sat and cradled my head as Jack started fucking me harder before he pulled out and came all over my stomach and tits. I scooped up a little of Jack’s cum so I could taste him, too.

I was so dazed after everything was over. I felt so amazingly good….those guys always have that effect on me. This session was at least twice as intense as any previous one. The rest of the day I was just moving slow. It hurt to sit down for days afterward. The redness stayed on my back for about a day. There were little tiny bruises on my ass for about 5 days, and the bruises on my tits are still a little visible now two weeks later.

I felt great mentally the rest of that Sunday evening, but on Monday I just felt really sad for no real reason. I have had that reaction following sessions before, but this was the worst so far. Jack took care of me though and made sure I was ok. He is such an amazing man.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this (very long) update post. I’ve had a very busy last few weeks, and I’ve got other posts in the works. Thanks everyone for sticking around!