You might all be disappointed to hear that nothing happened with Mike. Nothing sexual at all. He was a perfect gentleman. It was a great weekend though despite the lack of sex. Well, actually there wasn’t a lack of sex at all. Jack wouldn’t take no for an answer so we ended up fucking while Mike was just down the hall. That was kind of hot. I’m sure Mike was passed out (he had a LOT of wine to drink), but it’s nice to think that maybe he heard us and was just a little jealous.

The party was fun. The mix of people was just right. I invited people from different social circles and that ended up being a perfect idea. My entire house was clean. I made sure to buy tasty food and wine and treats. I made my specialty – a recipe I got from my grandmother. It’s something that I remember just loving as a kid so when I moved away for graduate school I started making it for my friends because it reminded me of home. I changed the recipe once out of necessity (didn’t have enough of something), and added more of my favorite ingredients and it tasted even better. The next Christmas when I went home I made it for the family and my grandmother liked my way better. Now she follows my recipe. Don’t let this fool you though, I don’t cook. I hate cooking because I usually seem to mess things up, because my kitchen is woefully small, because I’m lazy, and because I hate cleaning up after myself. I had asked everyone to bring a small side dish or a dessert so we ended up with a HUGE spread! People stayed late and drank and ate and laughed and just had a good time. There were 11 people there and only 6 of us drank wine, but we ended up finishing 7 bottles! My wine rack is finally empty (I love buying wine, but Jack doesn’t drink it so I end up waiting for someone to share it with).

At one point I decided to put in the movie American Psycho. It’s kind of an inside joke between Mike and I because I think he’s exactly like the Christian Bale character in that movie. I like to tease him about it. There aren’t a lot of people in Mike’s life that can get away with teasing him unmercifully, and I am one of them. I’ve said this before, but for those of you who are new here: Mike and I play in an orchestra together in a different city – one that we both have to travel to get to. So, for one concert set last season I called him a week before it started and told him he had to watch this movie before I saw him again. He did, and then at break during the first rehearsal he came up to me and said, “I don’t work at Pierce & Pierce.” You’ll have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about. When Patrick starts talking about different music groups in the movie that’s when it sparked me that Mike is just like him. Mike has a similar manner of presenting his opinions about things…not necessarily music though.

The next morning we woke up a little hung over. Mike was far worse off than me. Jack and I made a breakfast of whole wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, grapes, strawberries, coffee, and orange juice. I felt pretty proud of that breakfast. Jack makes some really fucking awesome eggs and hash browns.

The whole reason for Mike’s visit was to play some gigs with my quartet. Only one of the other regular members was able to make it so I asked him on a whim, fully expecting him to say no since he lives 3.5 hours away. But to my surprise he agreed to come. The first gig was Saturday afternoon before the party. It went perfectly. Then the second one was Sunday afternoon. That gig was kind of a downer because it was a mass memorial service for dead kids. But we played well, and it was only 30 minutes of playing. After the gig we went back to my house and had some more coffee and leftover food from the party and played board games until Mike had to go back home.

All in all it was a pretty memorable weekend for two reasons. One, Mike drove all that way. Two, because my house was STILL CLEAN after the party (thanks mainly to Jack who cleaned throughout the evening). It’s still clean to this day and this was a week and a half ago!