Jack and I just watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. It was a beautiful spectacle to watch. We missed the very first part, which was the actual spectacle, but we did see all the athletes entering the gigantic stadium.

I have always watched the Olympics as much as possible without going out of my way to do so. I’m a bigger fan of the winter games because of my love for winter. However, I do enjoy watching especially swimming. I was a competitive swimmer from ages 5-14. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to knowing what it’s like for these athletes. I gave up swimming in 8th grade because I was more interested in practicing my violin. I guess that paid off in the end, huh? 🙂

I got to thinking while watching the ceremony tonight that I was surprised that I didn’t wonder what I guess most other people would be wondering while watching it. I wasn’t thinking to myself, “Wow, how in the world could those people spend all their time practicing and training for a sport like that.” I was actually identifying with them. I’m certainly no athlete anymore, but I can identify with the dedication it takes to be an Olympic athlete. I understand the sacrifice it takes to be that good at something. I’m not trying to compare myself to these talented individuals, but I know what I would have had to do to be a world class music performer. I chose a different path – one that gave me a much fuller life. If I had chosen to become that kind of musician I would have never had the time to meet my husband. I would have never had a real social life. I would have had to constantly choose practicing over every other activity. I could never have studied all the extra subjects I did in college. I could have never even dreamed of following my inclination for kink. Maybe there are people who can accomplish both. I’m sure many famous musicians are happy with their lives, but there is also an emptiness and loneliness that they all exhibit. There are times when I long for the type of career I could have had. Those times pass when I enjoy Jack’s warm embrace or catch him smiling while looking at me. There will never be a time in my life when I don’t have music. BUT, there will also never be a time in my life when I do not have Jack. And for me that’s what life is about.