I’m happy and busy, but I haven’t had time to write anything.

Things that have happened (in no particular order)

-had the gig of a lifetime – wedding gig and I made over $400 myself

-started another semester teaching

-found out I WILL get financial aid for school this year

-been out of town every weekend

-had lots of hot sex with Jack including lots of squirting and even some ass fucking

-My friend “Mike” is at the center of a shitstorm on facebook – an ex girlfriend of his is causing major problems for him, but he brought it on himself

-have been preparing for the new orchestra season to start

-getting some work done on the diss.

-and the number one reason I haven’t been writing….I’m struggling to find topics to write about that won’t jeopardize my identity.

I’m not going anywhere. I will keep writing, but I needed something to post while I figure it out.