I got some comments from my adviser on my proposal. I’m making changes. This will be a busy week though. I will be out of town for my orchestra. I’ll only be home Wednesday night and leave again Thursday morning until Sunday night.

I’m not knocked up. After skipping a month I am having the worst “monthly friend” ever even though it’s a week late…. I hate being a girl.

The prozac is still making me less horny. It’s hard to cum. However, I am able to concentrate and complete tasks a hell of a lot better. I’m more motivated, and generally feel better. We’ll see how it affects this week in orchestra. One thing I noticed is that I am better at thinking things through. My analytical mind, which had been missing since May 2006, is back. Just in time to argue with stupid people about Sara Palin. I just wish that joke of a human being would disappear. She makes me embarrassed to be from the north, and embarrassed to be a woman. I am begging all of you reading this: PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR MCPALIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, to my Canadian friends: I admire your interest in American politics, but really….you don’t get to have an opinion. This point is not directed at any readers of my blog, but rather just me venting about some of my stupid Canadian friends who think that Sara Palin is their hero…..makes me want to barf.

What are all of you up to?

Let’s all get together in Vegas in January….seriously!