Fall/Winter is always my horniest time of year. It’s when Jack and I first started into the lifestyle three years ago. Something about the transition to colder weather sets me on fire and I need increasing amounts of cock.

Jack and I have been working to fix our “dry spell” situation. We haven’t played with anyone new in a very long time. D has been preoccupied with his girlfriend who moved here a few months ago. There are some guys we are talking to, but nothing has been planned yet. Maybe I’m being too picky. I don’t want to just give it up to any old guy. I mean, desperate horny men are a dime a dozen. It’s harder for me to find people I have some sort of connection with. After what happened with ST there will be no more friendships forged with uneducated and extremely unstable men. Oh yeah, I think I forgot to write about how that all ended….. or did I? I don’t remember. If you want to know about the demise of ST let me know and I’ll write a post about it.

My birthday is coming up on Sunday. I hope Jack and I can figure something out for fun that night. I will be away on business all weekend, but I’ll get home Sunday night around 6pm….plenty of time to get tons of cock. šŸ™‚ I need to feel like I’m used up and close to passing out when everything is all said and done.

In other news, sex with Jack has been smoking hot lately! That man turns me on so much. Just smelling him gets me going. This morning when I woke up he had already left for work (happens every morning) and I rolled over and smelled his pillow….mmmm nice way to start the day. I felt like I had a hug from him to get me going.

A lot of the recent change in our sex life is how we have discovered how to make me squirt. It doesn’t happen that often, but now it’s easier for me to cum from penetration than from clit stimulation. It used to be the opposite way, but in recent months I have had trouble cumming from just clit stimulation. That was really frustrating at first, but then Jack discovered just how to finger or fuck me to get me to cum. I still can’t make myself cum while masturbating with a dildo or fingers inside me. It has to be a vibrator or fingers on my clit. The fastest way to make me cum is to finger fuck me. I never ever thought I’d be saying that sentence. When I first started having sex I never came through penetration. I only came after Jack licked me for A VERY LONG TIME. I’m just glad my body “grew up.”