It has been a very long time since the last time we saw ST. I don’t even remember, but it was last spring some time. Probably May? Maybe April? I’m not sure. What I do remember is that he and I had a “fight” via text message where I finally decided we could no longer see each other.

What it boiled down to is this: he wanted/expected more out of us, and we were done giving without receiving. The final straw was ST telling me that he loved me. That was most definitely not the purpose of the relationship. Things got too complicated, and the whole experiment ended badly.

For a few months I kind of regretted ever meeting this man. Now I have come to accept the experience as just that, experience. The three of us enjoyed most of our time together so that wasn’t a waste. Closing things off with ST was going to be permanent in my mind. Jack had less information to go on (I didn’t tell him of ST’s declaration of love until just recently), but could tell things kind of just fizzled out. About a month ago I got a text message from ST out of the blue. After two solid months of absolutely no contact he sent me a text. We had a short conversation where I find out that he has lost his job, found a new job, moved in with a girl, and generally stabilized his life. One of the reasons I didn’t fight to make it work with ST was because of his situation. He was living in a warehouse at work, and hated his job – causing all sorts of stress that I hated having to hear about ALL THE TIME.

ST wasn’t that great of a friend in the end. It was all very one-sided. I felt like he had taken advantage of me and Jack. Now he wants to be friends again. His girlfriend knows about us now, and ST wants to see if we could all be friends. Jack and I have been discussing things, but I haven’t firmly decided whether or not to let ST back into our lives even on a platonic level. We could certainly use some “hang out and play board games” type of friends, but can ST keep it on that level. After going so far as to tell me he loves me? I’m wary of letting him back in.

Any advice?