Hello everyone and greetings from Canada. Jack and I have been enjoying a wonderful vacation here with his family. It’s so refreshing not to have to spend holidays with my family.

We arrived here a day later than planned, but we made it safely. We did our last minute shopping, had dinner with family on the 24th, then headed out to Jack’s family’s cottage for the 25th. It’s in a pristine area and it was stunninly beautiful. Perfect winter scene.

We were with his parents and sister so nothing “fun” happened there, but we have managed to squeeze some things in.

I’ve made him cum in my mouth twice. Some of you will know the significance of this, but for the rest of you I’ll explain. I’ve made Jack cum like that less than 10 times in 10 years of knowing him. It’s not for lack of trying…he just doesn’t cum very easily like that. I’m getting better though so now I can get him to pop when I set my mind to it.

We went shopping downtown on the 30th and in a dressing room of a store he rubbed my clit until I came. We hadn’t planned on doing that, but he watched me change into a few shirts and when I put one of them on his whole face changed. I love the look of lust he gets when he sees something he likes…especially when it’s me. 🙂 We ended up buying that particular shirt, by the way.

I walked around on shaky legs after that, but boy did it feel good. Next we went to a huge porn shop. It was on two floors and had sooo much stuff!!! They had a pretty good selection of fetish gear so we bought ourselves a few toys. I’ll have to write about those as we use them. They are currently hidden in the lining of our suitcase since we have ZERO privacy here.

Then, later that night Jack came into the bedroom after I had already laid down and started to read and threw off the covers to start licking my pussy. It was sooooo amazingly good after not having it for so long. It took a little bit to get me to cum, but it was so intense my arm cramped up from trying not to scream (his sister was sleeping next door). I’m usually quite vocal during sex so being completely silent is difficult. Jack jumped on top of me and shoved his cock inside of me. His cock was so big and I was pretty tight after not having sex for a week or so. The sex was amazing, but difficult to keep quiet!!!!

Then last night, New Year’s Eve, we went to a small party at a friend’s house. I had a few glasses of champagne so on the way home I decided to take my breasts out and show them to anyone passing buy. It was a 45 minute drive home sometimes in heavy traffic. Not too many people noticed because it was a big city and people just don’t look at other cars, but I’m sure someone saw them. It was an exhilirating feeling. Nothing like it! 🙂 I felt like a slut and I’m proud of it.

We’re coming back home this weekend. It’s a long drive, which I’m not looking forward to. We got Rock Band for Christmas from Jack’s sister…..I’m sure we’ll be playing that as soon as we get home. It’s a good thing I don’t know how to work the PS3 without Jack pushing buttons on our confusing remote or else I’d probably play it non-stop!

2009 is going to be the year I finish my degree. I will be Dr. Mia this year. I promise. I make this promise to myself because that’s all who really matters now. I have to do this for myself.