I worked my normal hours on Saturday and got home around 3pm. Jack and I packed a few things and hit the road at 5. We arrived at our destination at 7 and checked into our room. We were able to get a room right next to the friends we were meeting there.

We were meeting A (a woman Jack and I used to play with on a regular basis) and a new guy I’ll call C. Originally there were supposed to be two other couples and some single guys, but they all bailed. Jack and I went to A and C’s room where we hugged hello and started talking. We hadn’t met C yet and hadn’t seen A in over a year, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Before long A was taking my shirt off. She really loves my breasts for some reason. I was wearing a purple lace push-up bra so they were nicely displayed. A few minutes of teasing she and C had me get out of all my clothes and lay on the bed between them. Jack just watched and took a few pictures while A and C worked me over.

The sensations were incredible! They started by playing with my nipples. They sucked on them while touching me all over my body. Because they were working together it was intense. I was instantly aroused. A kissed me while C played with my breasts. Then C kissed me while A played with my breasts. After what seemed like a long time, but was more like 10 minutes, A’s hand slid down between my legs and gently pushed them apart. She started rubbing my clit. It just felt so amazingly good! C grabbed a glass dildo and handed it to A. She slid it inside me and positioned it so that it hit my g spot perfectly while C rubbed my clit. At one point I had cum so many times I didn’t think I could handle any more so I tried to stop them, but they just held my hands down while Jack held my legs. I have no idea how many times I came, but I do know that I squirted at least once.

After that session I was shaky on my feet so I didn’t get up for a few mintues. As I sat in a chair curled up and feeling good, Jack got started licking A. She squirts a ton every time she cums.

~~~~~more to cum~~~~~~
I’ll be back.