I’m interrupting the fun to update you on why it’s taking me forever to complete the post below.

I’m sick, and I’ve been sick since Sunday morning. I woke up in the hotel not feeling well. That unwell feeling led to me puking. The next thing that happened was that I started feeling worse and worse. Jack and I were supposed meet A and C for breakfast. At first I thought I couldn’t make it out of the hotel room, but I struggled through it and got dressed. We met them downstairs at the restaurant, but once inside I had to go wait in the lobby because the smell of food was too much for me. As I waited for them to finish I started feeling even worse. I got really cold, and just generally miserable.

Jack said our goodbyes to A and C then he went and brought the car around. I weakly made my way to the car and off we went. The next hour was the worst hour I’ve spent in a very long time. I couldn’t sleep and I was just absolutely miserable. Stomach flu is horrible.

We FINALLY got home and I just crawled into bed pulling as many blankets on me as I could. I just couldn’t get warm.

Jack took amazing care of me until I finally started feeling a bit better on Monday night.

Unfortunately, Jack got what I had……….fuck. He’s the one who is sick now so I took care of him yesterday. I’m still not back to work because I still had a fever yesterday afternoon, and since I work with children I thought it best to wait until 24 hours after having a fever (my mom taught me that).

So, I tried writing about Saturday night, but it just isn’t coming out quite right while I’m sick…..not feeling very sexy right now.

About the title of this post, I’m pretty sure one of my students got me sick.

I promise to finish the post soon!!!!