Since I waited so long to complete the post about our weekend with A and C I’ll just give you a list of some things that happened. I’m not sure of the order anymore…been too long.

~Jack licked A for a really long time while she sucked C’s cock. I watched cause I LOVE WATCHING. Live porn is sooo hot.

~We all got dressed, grabbed a bite to eat in the casino, then went to the swimming pool.

~Sat in hot tub with my hands on two cocks. 🙂 Got felt up, kissed, and all sorts of “naughty” things in the hot tub and pool with both Jack and C.

~Went back to the room and chatted for a while. I wasn’t nervous at all by this point.

~Jack lays down on the bed naked and “orders” me to suck his cock. I was kind of kneeling between his legs and my ass was up in the air right at the edge of the bed. Perfectly open for whatever. 🙂

~A starts kissing Jack and C comes up behind me with a glass dildo and my hitachi magic wand. Some things that happened: I came really hard more times than I can remember, I bit Jack’s leg without realizing it, C really knows what he’s doing with a pussy!!!!, at the end I passed out on the floor having fallen off the bed, I don’t remember passing out, but there are pictures, there is video of part of this experience and when I watched it I was shocked… was all just fuzzy in my brain, I had the best orgasms any man besides Jack has ever given me

~ I was pretty much done after this and just curled up in a chair while we sat around talking.

~ Jack and I went to our room after talking for about an hour with C while A was passed out.

~ Jack fucked me despite my sore, very sore pussy.

~Fell asleep with a sore, but completely satisfied pussy.

~ C didn’t fuck me, but maybe next time. Jack didn’t get to fuck A, but maybe next time. I think the theme of this encounter was pretty much toys.

~ One thing I really liked about C is that he kept staring at my breasts….I love that.

~ I got along really well with C despite the many differences between our lives, he’s easy to talk to, and knows how to make conversation.

~One thing that made me feel really good was how C continued to be shocked when he found out I didn’t really date in high school because of low self esteem and other issues – this came up in the hot tub after I commented on how being in the water made my breasts float up and look as perky as they did when I was 15 and he said that if that were true I must have had a ton of boys around and I actually didn’t. I didn’t even do more than kissing until I was 18…..long sad story which I believe I’ve blogged about before.

Jack and I will be getting together with A and C and maybe some others again at similar events perhaps even once a month (if my schedule permits).

I have the window open in my office this afternoon, and it’s making me want spring soooo badly. I love winter, but I love the change into spring, too. The spring is so lovely here in the midwest. When I lived in ND spring pretty much lasted one day and that was in May. Spring makes me horny, and I need to be horny…’s just more fun that way.