It’s raining today. The first rainy day in a while. It actually feels good to have clouds around. I get sick of the sunshine sometimes. I recently moved and I’m still unpacking. Still happily married to Jack. Not playing with other people currently. Why? Just haven’t, I guess. We didn’t decide to stop, but I guess we are in an extended dry spell.

We moved to be closer to the city where Jack works. This means more driving for me. And for a girl from the frozen northland commuting is foreign. So far I’m enjoying my 40 minute drive each way. Of course, I do much more driving during the season/school year. I’m driving a different car now, too. Jack and I switched. I have the crapmobile and he has the car we bought new. The crapmobile gets much better gas mileage, but the stereo SUCKS!

Today I’m feeling a little melancholy and a lot horny. Unfortunately, there is nobody to play with. We need to make some new friends in our new city. I want to find a man who has his own place, who isn’t cheating, who finds me irresistible, who likes to be watched, who perhaps likes to play with other men as well (Jack). The problem is: I don’t know where to look. I’m sure I could go back to AFF, but there are so many duds.

Jack has been taking good care of me. He came home for lunch yesterday and I was on the menu. Ok, that’s a pretty corny way to say it. That’s the one benefit of living close to Jack’s work.

A few nights ago I just felt like masturbating. Jack was organizing the boxes in the living room so the cable guy could actually get to the television and I just went to the bedroom, got naked, and grabbed my hitachi. Jack noticed and joined me on the bed. He started fingering me and it got pretty rough. It was sooooo intense. I love the orgasms I get with the hitachi combined with something in me. Especially when it’s Jack’s cock or fingers. He’s got skills! Now I’m sore and it’s driving me nuts!! Being sore like this just reminds me to be more horny.

I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamed in great detail about being the winner of America’s Next Top Model. Now that I’ve been awake for half the day I don’t remember most of the details, but I do remember that everyone else in the competition hated me. It was soooooo weird.

That reminds me, I’ve been sleeping a lot better here at the new house. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the anticipatory stress of knowing I have to move any time soon. Our new place is a house that was built in the 1950s. It’s a nice enough rental, but it was filthy when we moved in. I just take it as a good sign, though. We probably won’t have to do much to get our deposit back on this place. The previous tenant was practically evicted, and when we walked through on the showing the landlord practically begged us to rent the place. I guess it’s been a while since he dealt with stable people with actual jobs like Jack and I.

This neighborhood is peaceful and beautiful. After living in new construction for the past 6 years it’s nice to live somewhere with real yards and real trees. The only drawback so far is our neighbors. I saw/overheard a food bank worker dropping off a box of food for them. I also think that the mother lost her job. It’s a mom and two teenage girls. They all scream constantly, which I just attribute to way too much estrogen in one house. Since we are connected (it’s a side by side duplex) we hear everything!

Now, if I could just find a coffee place nearby that is open past 2pm……