I had a pretty bad evening. It’s summer so I have money worries. Classical musicians don’t get much work in the summer so by August we’re always hurting. This summer was worse because of moving. I started worrying when the bank balance after my deposit didn’t match with what I thought it would be. Then I had to drive 45 minutes home.

By the time I walked in the door I was almost non-functioning. Good thing Jack had dinner in the oven and was waiting for me with open arms. That’s only part of it though. What really helped me was what happened after dinner.

Jack escorted me into our bedroom and told me to take off my skirt and panties, lay down on the bed, and open my legs. He then proceeded to lick me to within an inch of my life. I almost felt like I was having a stroke it felt so good. He was fucking me with two fingers while licking my clit in the most amazing way that only he can do to me. I love his lips and tongue!!!! I’m willing to share, too, ladies. Just let me know. 🙂

After I had slightly recovered from my massive orgasm he shoved his cock deep into my pussy and fucked me until I came again while he filled me with his cum.

That’s how to alleviated anxiety.