I was sitting here working on my dissertation when I get a call from Jack. He decided to come home for lunch. So, I made him a gourmet meal of macaroni & cheese, salad, and grapes (I don’t really cook….lol). Then he decided we needed to fool around. yay! He took off his pants and laid on the bed. I started off teasing his cock with my mouth before really sucking him. LOVE HIS COCK. After about 10 minutes he decided to fuck me. Right when he was about to shove his cock inside me I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was the neighbor because it wasn’t a doorbell, but a knock on our actual front door. I quickly got up, threw my clothes back on and answered the door. It was one of the neighbor girls needing to use our phone. I giggled and said sure, but stay right by the door. Of course I didn’t tell her why. I grabbed the phone and she made her call while I waited. Once she was finished she thanked me and went back to her side. I returned to Jack to find him in the corner stroking his cock. He really liked the idea of being naked like that while a cute little hottie was in his living room using the phone. I went back into the bedroom and he fucked me hard. Just awesome!!!! After we cleaned up he went back to work.

What a great lunch!