I had to go into work today, which doesn’t normally happen on Fridays. I had to teach some extra lessons. On my way home I stopped to pick up lunch at a sandwich shop I frequent. They have a frequent buyer type card, and when you get 10 punches you get a free sandwich. I was visiting this particular location for the first time since we moved here. I walked in and there were no other customers. Both workers were young men, and I guess they must have been having a boring afternoon or something because their faces lit up when they saw me. I could tell they were checking me out, but I was acting like I was oblivious because I didn’t know what else to do. When I went to pay for my meal I gave the guy my card with the 10 punches already completed. He rang up my drink and chips and then gave me my new punch card with half the punches already out. I looked him right in the eye, smiled, then said thank you and walked out.

It made me feel good to be appreciated like that. Mia is coming back to herself. Time for me to be a slut again. I’ll definitely go back to that location to see if those guys are there again. 🙂

Later, when Jack got home. I made him get undressed and lay down on the bed so I could suck his cock. Little did I know that he had “taken care of himself” over lunch. Unluckily, I hadn’t been there to be a part of it because I was working. I brought his tired cock back to life with my mouth. Then I decided to masturbate with my hitachi and make him watch me. After I came so hard I saw colors, I told him he had to fuck me now. He fucked me hard from behind and made me cum two more times. His cock was HUGE especially considering it was his second shot of the day. (he’s definitely not 21 anymore, but at least his equipment still works like he’s in his 20s instead of LATE 30s…. hee hee) Poor guy doesn’t know it, but I’m gonna get another load out of him in a few mintues.

I’m not sure if my extra horniness is due to being ogled by the guys at the sandwich place, but I’m sure it did help in some way.