There’s no food in this house! Ok, not completely true, but I am going to go grocery shopping. So as to not completely turn into an actual housewife I am not wearing sweats to the store. I’m wearing a tank top that’s tight in all the right places and some cute little jeans. Those bitches will be looking at me in horror because I’m looking so good and they look like dumpy bitches with dirty sweatshirts on. (can you tell I HATE women that don’t even try to look good????!)

I had a good chat with a possible new friend last night. I think I mentioned it in yesterday’s post, but we talked until almost 11:30, which is really late for me these days. We talked mostly music stuff, but then it took a turn towards sex. I bowed out before it got too steamy….I was getting sleepy. I guess it’s good to keep them wanting more, right?