I’ve finally found a new friend. I’m calling him V. He’s 40 and from a town relatively nearby. I met him on AFF….that site rarely works, but this time it did. He’s a musician like me, but he performs a somewhat different type of music. We have long conversations about all sorts of things. Not just sex. I enjoy being able to get to know him more than just for sex. And, speaking of sex, that part is fucking hot. This is just a vanilla guy, but that’s what I was looking for.

We’ve only met once – last weekend. Jack and I met him at a bar where we all chatted for about an hour before my nerves calmed down enough. Then we went back to our place.

We went into the bedroom and V and I stood at the end of the bed. He’s a lot taller than me (which I’ve said before totally turns me on) so I had to tilt my head up to look at his face. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. It was electric! Who knew I was a sucker for such a normal move? lol We kissed for a bit and our clothes started coming off. I could feel his cock getting hard as we stood there and he put my hand on it. Loved that move, too.

We were touching and kissing some more and he laid me down on the bed where he lay on top of me and kissed me. Then he lay down and I started sucking on his cock. Oh wow was that a surprise because I had no idea how big his cock was. I had seen pictures and a video of him jerking off, but I still hadn’t gotten an idea of how big it actually was. As it continued to grow in my mouth I could barely open my jaw enough to keep sucking deeply. He has a tasty cock and big heavy balls. I was in heaven.

While I sucked on V’s cock Jack had me get on all fours and he started playing with my pussy. At one point he put the hitachi on me and it was such a surprise I actually screamed! lol He stopped that and then just fingered me until I came.

Next V and Jack switched places so I was sucking Jack’s cock and V was getting ready to fuck me. Unfortunately V hasn’t had much recent experience with using condoms so he ended up not staying hard enough to fuck me (you’d be surprised how often this happens!!!! It happens to EVERY guy—–you should all practice with condoms guys! It will make us ladies a lot happer and less neurotic). V did finger me, very skillfully, to orgasm. He definitely knows his way around a pussy.

Next Jack had me lay at the end of the bed on my back so he could fuck me. V knelt next to my head and fucked my face and played with my tits. I was sooooo turned on at that point. I can’t remember how many times I came, but it was great. At one point I lost the ability to breathe due to the cock in my mouth and the balls on my nose. lol

We switched it up then and I sucked V’s cock until my neck hurt. He gave me a very nice neck rub.

The evening ended with him standing over me and jerking off while I played with his balls. He kept asking where I wanted him to cum and I just sort of said all over me. He shot a HUGE load all over my face, tits, and stomach. I licked and sucked the last bit of cum out of his cock. Then Jack, who was also jerking off standing over me, added his load to my chest.

I was so covered in cum and feeling good. We cleaned up and put our clothes back on. I had to work early the next morning so it was time to call it a night. I kissed V goodbye and Jack and I sat and talked about how it went. All in all it was satisfying evening, and I’m looking forward to another hot night with V.