I just came 5 times on V’s cock. Jack was at a friend’s house playing nerd games so he told me to invite V over for some naked fun.

V arrived at about 9:00 and I was a huge mess of nerves before he got here. However, once he walked in my door and kissed me I was at ease again. We went into the bedroom and kissed some more until I helped him out of his jeans and underwear. I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I know I said this last time, but he has a great cock. So big and well shaped. He smells good and tastes good.

After I got him really big and hard he lay me down on the bed and kissed me some more before putting a condom on. When he finally went to slide his cock in my pussy he couldn’t get it in. I’ve never had this experience before….. he actually had to finger me a bit to open me up enough to fit in my pussy! Once got his cock in me and started fucking me I got really wet and it wasn’t almost painfully tight anymore – just really nice and full.

He played with my tits and kissed me while he moved his cock in and out of my pussy. It took a little while, but I did cum on his cock. After I came he laid down on the bed beside me and pulled me close and kissed me for a really long time. We sort of made out for a few more minutes and he was asking me about some pictures I had sent him. They were from the sort of gang bang I had two years ago with D. I told him about that night and he got really turned on. He asked me to tell him about the first time I got tied up so I told him about the first time with D. When I said, “It was the first time a man hit me.” His eyes got really big and he looked a little scared, and said, “he hit you?” I explained that I like that sort of thing, but it’s not a necessary part of sex for me. I just like it sometimes and with some people.

I sucked his cock again and he had me get on my hands and knees so he could fuck me from behind. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on here before, but that is my FAVORITE position. It’s easiest for me to cum that way and it just feels soooooooo good. His cock was rock hard because he had also put on a cock ring. I came four more times from his cock. He was telling me to cum on his cock and that just turned me on so much. He was scratching my back and giving me (very, very gentle) spanks and just ramming his cock in my pussy. At one point he pulled out of me to adjust something and exclaimed at how much pussy juice was dripping out of me. Yeah, I get really wet when I cum like that…. ๐Ÿ™‚

After my legs could no longer support me I sort of fell over and he lay on top of me and kissed me and touched me for a long time until I had to get some water or die! lol.

I came back to the bed and we drank water then he was all over me again. I like kissing him. So different from anyone else I’ve ever made out with. He uses his tongue very judiciously. So that when he does put his tongue in my mouth it’s almost like a rare treat or something. Ok, that sounded weird, but it is a teasing sort of thing and it turns me on.

I took the condom off his cock and started sucking him again. I could smell my pussy on his balls. That was kind of hot. He started stroking his cock so he could cum, and asked me where I wanted it. This time I told him to cum in my mouth. I had my hand on his balls and my lips on the head of his cock while he stroked it and then shot a HUGE load in my mouth. I had to swallow twice because my mouth started to overflow! I licked and sucked his cock until I got all the cum. I kept playing with it while pulled me up to kiss me some more. I think he liked tasting his cum on my tongue.

After that we laid there just sort of touching each other for a while and started talking about music stuff. Eventually I went to get my laptop so he could show me a band on you tube that I hadn’t heard of. We nerded out about music for a bit. I showed him some of the stuff by the composer I’m writing my dissertation about. It was fun (and useful, actually) to explain this guy to someone new.

He had to get going because he was supposed to meet some friends so he put his clothes on and I started walking him to the door, but we ended up making out some more in the living room and my clothes came off again, but he managed to get out the door before I demanded a round two. ๐Ÿ™‚