I would have rather stayed in bed with Jack and just played all morning. Instead he got up and went to work before I even woke up. It’s yucky weather outside and I’d much rather be in bed playing with his cock.

Last night he masturbated for me. I was too tired for sex, but his cock was hard and ready to go after I was playing with it. He was fantasizing about a bunch of men just cumming all over me without even touching me. I’m torn about this fantasy because I like to be submissive, but I like to be touched, too! Just being a cum receptacle doesn’t turn me on, but if Jack or D MADE me do it that would be hot. Now, if all the men fucked me or if I sucked their cocks or even just touched their cocks then having them cum all over me would be really hot. I do really like to watch men touch themselves…..especially in person. Seeing how they touch themselves when they are alone just gets me going for some reason.

I have to drive to go to work today…longer than my usual daily commute of 45 min. Today I have to drive 100 minutes in each direction…..in the rain…..when I’m horny. Let’s hope I don’t go off the road!