I think 2010 will be the best year in a long while. It seems that two of the three life goals I have yet to accomplish will be happening. Those being finish the dissertation officially and have a baby. I definitely didn’t think I would be having a baby this year, but it makes sense. I have finally come to terms with this whole thing. It took me until the past week to sort of figure it all out in my head. The visit home to my parents and other family helped solidify the fact that I’m about to be a parent myself.

The drama was definitely there with my crappy family, but I think I suffered more than I should have due to the fact that crazy hormones make a crazy Mia. I found it more difficult to control the side of me that is still like my family. I started joining in on their stupid fights. I’m soooooo glad Jack was there to help me. He’s been an amazing husband, as usual.

I don’t have much in the way of awesome sex posts. We did, however, have a really nice New Year’s Day today. Before lunch Jack just said, “wanna fuck?” I told him I’d rather get licked so he decided that he would fuck me then lick me. It was short and sweet, but felt incredible. I love sex in the middle of the day. Orgasms are VERY nice while pregnant. It’s incredible how my body is changing.

I can feel the baby move a lot these days. In fact, I get kicked in the bladder causing almost accidents at least once a day. I am almost 26 weeks along. I’ve started planning the baby room out. This has been difficult because of how small our second bedroom is, but I’m determined to figure something out.

We did have one tragedy this week. We came home from ND on Tuesday arriving at 1pm. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned our fish before, she’s a blue crowntail beta and was probably the most spoiled beta in the world since she had her very own 10 gallon heated and filtered tank. Well, we walked into the house and it was just as cold inside as outside. The furnace was off. The fish was dead. Bummer. Something happened with a power outage because all the clocks were blinking. We got the furnace started again at least. I was pretty sad that our fish died. She was my very first pet in my whole life! It’s strange to sort of grieve for a fish. It helps to remind myself that a fish isn’t much more than a house plant and I kill those all the time.

That’s all for now. Boys: I need you to send me fantasies….masturbating is so much fun these days. 🙂