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Jack and I just had a discussion about maybe trying for baby #2. Just get it out of the way so we have fewer years in the baby stage. Any parents of singletons out there that wished they had a second? Any parents of two born close together that wish they had waited for #2?

Mia is alive and well.

Being a mother is hard work. My baby is now 7 months old, and I’m still tired all the time! He sleeps through the night, but that only means he sleeps from 10pm until 5am. Before getting pregnant 5am was definitely still the middle of the night. Musicians are just not morning people. Sometimes I am still on stage performing past 10pm. Going to bed at 10:30 seems so wrong. We watch the news then fall asleep, exhausted.

I breastfed/pumped for the first 6months. I have been done with that for a month, but I’m still leaking breast milk. My libido is still missing. It’s better than it was last month, but I’m still not all that interested in sex. When we do get around to having sex it is AWESOME. This may sound weird, but I’m glad I had a c-section. I’m still intact down there. 🙂

My relationship with Jack is different now. We’re still in love and still attracted to each other, but we are also parents together now. There are more fights and moodiness. When he is overtired he gets really moody. I’d never experienced this before. I’m used to being the moody, needy one.

We intend to start playing again now that I’m done nursing. It’s going to be like starting all over again because it’s been a year now since we played with anybody.

I’m struggling to love my post baby body for the most part. It’s just too much work to take care of my own appearance when I’m taking care of another human being all day long. I feel like a stay at home mom since I stay home with the baby until Jack comes home from work at 3pm. Then I head out to teach or rehearsal or whatever I have that day.

So, according to my stats there are still folks reading this blog. I promise I will never just leave. If I don’t write a post about leaving for good I will always return. I intend to keep posting. I just need to have some fun sex stories to post!