I’m so enjoying the change of the seasons. I hate summer. I hate summer weather. I hate summer finances. I hate summer boredom. Once fall comes the weather is more tolerable, and I can hang outside with Lex. The orchestra season starts in the fall, which means more money and more time with my friends.

I’m part of a moms club. It’s just me and a bunch of rich stay at home moms. I didn’t fit in very well until they found out about my career then suddenly I was fascinating to them. I’m not always the best at making friends with women, but that’s getting better. It’s important for Lex to have other kids to play with. He’s so cute with the other kids. He gave another little boy a hug the other day at a play date. They were both playing with a toy piano and Lex just turned to the other boy and gave him a hug. I almost started crying it was so cute.

I still don’t have very much to write about here. I will keep writing, though. I have a lot of violin practicing to do today, and I can’t practice when Lex is taking a nap. He likes to watch me practice so much that he will wake up out of a nap screaming if I try to practice while he’s asleep. He’s fascinated by the violin. It’s cute to see him sit down on the floor with his baby doll (yes I bought my boy a pink baby doll) and watch me play.

I hope he wakes up soon so I can get to work.