Jack is always there and willing to be my “sex therapist.” I went out with my moms club ladies for a night out without kids or husbands. I had three drinks, lots of tasty/nasty bar food, and lots of great conversations. It kind of felt like a milestone because I realized as I drove home that I never once felt out of place or had to think about what to say next.

So, when I got home Jack was there looking like he was mad at me. He wouldn’t say why at first. Then he pointed to a stain on the couch. I had left an almost empty can of pop on the end table and Lex got a hold of it and spilled it all over the couch.

I had to make it up to Jack. I mean, he had to spend literally 3 minutes cleaning it up. So I just got on my knees in front of his chair and told him to drop his pants. Yes, dear readers, I still have it in me.

I sucked his cock until he was about to burst. I told him we couldn’t waste it so he bent me over the arm of the chair and fucked me.

It was like old times. Finally…..

Best news of all (to us anyway) I’m ovulating sometime today according to my ovulation predictor tests and my BBT shift (I’ll let you figure out what that is).

Let the fuck fest begin.