Penn Jillette is my new hero. He’s half of the duo Penn & Teller. I’m reading his new book, “God, No!” I’ve been an atheist for a few years now. I have no interest in participating in religion because I view it as an elaborate fairy tale.

I highly recommend the book. Even for those of you who are members of a religion.

Ok, so I’m not actually reading the book, but rather listening to it on Audible through my smart phone. As I was driving to work today (1.5 hours each way) I was listening and enjoying the countryside. The way he talks is the way I used to before we stopped participating in the lifestyle. He’s perfectly comfortable with what he refers to as “freaks.” While I’ve never experienced the level of “freaks” he has, I have known some pretty crazy people. Crazy in the extreme fun kind of way, not the mental illness way.

His whole attitude and take on life made me start to feel horny. I’ve not experienced this in quite some time. To be turned on by ideas. He wasn’t talking about sex at the time, although he does mention fucking quite often. It was just the way he relates to the people and places around him.

I was kind of a fan before. We watched his show Bullshit! on Showtime, and have seen Penn & Teller appearances on TV in various places. Now I’m a huge fan!

Jack’s working late tonight, and I’m home alone (not quite alone – Lex is sleeping peacefully). Perfect time to masturbate myself crazy. đŸ™‚ Then Jack can finish me off when he gets home.